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Erie, Niagara County yellow zone COVID positive test rates top 9%

Western New York currently has the highest seven-day average percent positive of any region in the state at 7.40 percent.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — During the past three days, the rolling seven-day COVID-19 positive test rate in Erie and Niagara County Yellow Zones has continued to rise. 

Now the test rate for both zones is above 9 percent, and they have the third (Niagara) and fourth (Erie) highest rates of any cluster zones in the state.

The rolling seven-day percent positive test rate for the Erie County yellow zone was 9.10 on Sunday. For the Niagara County yellow zone, it was 9.13 percent, according to the Governor's office.

The Erie County orange zone improved slightly. That rate went from 7.67 percent on Friday, to 7.63 percent on Saturday, then down to 7.53 percent on Sunday. 

The statewide positivity rate, with cluster zones included, is currently 4.71 percent.

"We're closely monitoring hospital capacity and have implemented triggers to ensure hospitals have what they need. The light at the end of the tunnel is the vaccine, and one is coming, but until then we must be disciplined," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement.

Western New York currently has the highest seven-day average percent positive of any region in the state at 7.40 percent.

Across the state, 56 people died yesterday from the virus, including six people locally. Two people were from Erie County, two from Niagara County, one person from Allegany County and one from Genesee County.

"Public health experts agree households and private gatherings are a major driver of transmission right now, demonstrating once again that it is our actions that determine the infection rate," Cuomo said.

"We know what works: wear a mask, avoid indoor gatherings, and socially distance, and the local governments must do enforcement. We will win this war but it will take vigilance and everyone working together."

On Saturday, another 29 people were put on a ventilator, bringing the total number of people in intensive care units and intubated to 464. Overall, including the people intubated, there are 850 people in ICUs across the state, which increased by 25 people.

In 55 of New York's 62 counties, there are 4,442 people in the hospital because of the virus, which increased by 124 on Saturday, and includes the people in ICUs. There were 476 people discharged and 648 people admitted.

Thus far, 27,159 people in New York have died from the coronavirus.