BUFFALO, N.Y. — The strain of the epidemic is showing at Erie County Medical Center, where the hospital says it only has a week and a half supply left of personal protective equipment like masks and gowns.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was asked if the state might send help their way.

"Anyone can give you a report that they are close to running out of PPE in a week and a half. I am close to running out of PPE in a week and a half. That is the status across the country," he said.

"Any hospital anywhere, whatever we have, we'll distribute, and we'll distribute it on an as-needed basis. So to say I need it in a week and a half, frankly we're dealing with hospitals that need it tomorrow and the day after."

While they wait for more, like so many hospitals around the country, they're asking anyone in the community who has masks, especially N-95 masks, to donate them if they can.

The number to call with any donations is 898-3844.

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