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Erie County health officials discuss COVID-19 transmission trends

Health officials recommend that employers should emphasize mask wearing while in the workplace and discourage from multiple people taking breaks together indoors.

ERIE COUNTY, N.Y. — Erie County health officials are sharing some details from COVID-19 cases in an effort to help residents reduce the risk of the virus in workplaces and activities.

Contact tracers have found that many of the COVID-19 cases within the past few weeks shared that the places they work did not require face masks when people are sitting at desks, cubicles, workstations or break areas. 

They say these sites have experienced a cluster of cases in one week and then expands to other parts of their facility.

One work site, health officials say, had 40% of their employees test positive for COVID within three weeks. 

Health officials recommend employers emphasize mask wearing while in the workplace and discourage having multiple people take breaks together indoors.

There's also been an increase in COVID-19 cases in child care facilities and restaurants. They says some cases have disclosed that they have been at work – or for children, at a child care facility – while they were ill or symptomatic. 

Contact tracers also say that some cases have refused to cooperate with case investigations. Officials ask that if you receive a call from an ECDOH contact tracer, to pick up the phone and answer questions. All responses will be kept confidential. 

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