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Cuomo: 'Fall will bring a new set of challenges' with COVID-19

The governor is urging New Yorkers to continue following CDC guidelines, especially as temperatures begin to drop.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — In comparison to other states, when it comes to COVID-19, New York State is on a downward trajectory.

On Wednesday, the overall percentage of positive cases throughout the state was 1.2 percent

However, that does not mean people are out of the woods. Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday shared concerns about the possibility of a spike in new cases as temperatures begin to cool and people head indoors.

"We wont be out of this until we're all out of this. It's just a collective reality," he said. 

During the past three days, the percentage of positive cases in Western New York have gone from 1.2 percent, down to 1 percent, and back up to 1.9 percent. This means, simply put, more people need to adhere to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

When it comes to the coronavirus, one major topic of controversy right now is a vaccine. When will there be one? Where do you get it? Is it safe? These are just a couple of questions that are on people's minds.

"The people of this country don't trust the federal government with this vaccine process. How can I say that? I didn't say it, Americans said it; 54% say they wouldn't take the vaccine yet," Cuomo says.

Cuomo plans to create a specialty team to review the vaccine, one that will look into everything: from safety to implementation, as well as cost and public education. His goal is to reassure New Yorkers that the vaccine is safe.

Dr. Thomas Russo, the Professor-in-Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University at Buffalo, says as fall and winter approach, one major concern is the increase in indoor activities. More people in confined spaces could pose a serious problem. 

"We know that coronavirus spreads much more readily indoors than it does outdoors," Dr. Russo says. "I think it's critical for everyone to be aware that if you're interacting with individuals outside your social bubble indoors, that you should be wearing your mask at all times and you should maximize physical distance as best as possible."

While the flu shot is out and readily available, it's important to remember, Dr. Russo says, that the coronavirus vaccine is not out yet and that people should be more concerned with following daily guidelines as best as possible, especially until a viable vaccine is on the market. 

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