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Catholic Health to close Phase 3 Pulmonary Rehab Program

Catholic Health has made arrangements for participants to continue their classes once their program is discontinued.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — 2 On Your Side received an email tip that Catholic Health is set to close it's Pulmonary Rehab maintenance program at Kenmore Mercy Hospital. 

We reached out to Catholic Health for answers and they explained that they aren't cutting the program completely. Phase 2 outpatient programs will still continue to operate out of Kenmore Mercy. The Phase 3 portion of the program that is being cut will still be locally available at the same price that Catholic Health charges. 

"With the discontinuation of its phase 3 program, Kenmore Mercy has made arrangements for participants, if they choose, to continue their maintenance classes at the Medically Oriented Gym (M.O.G.), located at 1491 Sheridan Drive in Kenmore," Catholic Health said in a statement. "The gym offers comparable services for the same out-of-pocket costs participants currently pay for the hospital’s maintenance program."

The hospital will be holding sessions later this month for all participants to learn more about the transition plan and to meet with representatives of the new location. 

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