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After Hamlin's recovery, Buffalo CPR classes see increase in demand for classes

The remarkable recovery of Bills safety Damar Hamlin has spurred a renewed interest in life-saving skills.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo CPR is a company offering classes to schools, businesses and organizations.

Their classes instruct regular citizens about life-saving skills. Of course, you should call 911 immediately when someone experiences cardiac arrest, but while waiting for the ambulance, you can help save their life.

When the heart is stopped, the body loses about 25% of its oxygen every minute. Within roughly four to six minutes, you would have permanent brain or heart damage without somebody introducing CPR.

According to Michael Derme, program director for Buffalo CPR, the most important thing is the initial bystanders' CPR, keeping the victim viable. 

Derme emphasized the importance of "giving them their oxygen, rotating it through the bloodstream, keeping the organs viable. So when that advanced life support does arrive, they have an opportunity to resuscitate you. So CPR is the most important skill in the resuscitation process."

Buffalo CPR offers classes for cardio pulmonary resuscitation. They use high-tech manikins to assure proper technique.

There is a clicking sound when proper pressure is applied to the chest, there are lights on the shoulder which make sure proper speed Is being used. They bring their equipment to school and businesses throughout Western New York, you can reach them at www.buffalocpr.com

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