BUFFALO, N.Y. — Looking for a way to help your community and possibly save someone's life?

Unyts, which supplies local hospitals with blood donations, needs your help.

Demand for blood donations is up this year from last year and more donors are needed to keep up with the pace.  Unyts has also had to cancel some drives for the extreme heat.

Most people can donate and it takes less than an hour. And the lack of donations can have a big impact.

"Surgeries may need to be canceled. We may need to work with our hospital partners and shift blood. But the bottom line is, we need the blood on the shelves; it's the first line of defense for our physicians to be able to save patients in our hospitals," said Amanda Farrell, Director of Donor Recruitment at Unyts.

If you have the universal donor O-negative type blood, or if you can take a few hours to donate platelets, they really could use your help.

You can find out more about donating blood at Unyts here, or at the American Red Cross here.