BUFFALO, N.Y. — Single mom Elizabeth Bova has a new reason to smile. She was gifted a restored 2016 Honda CRV on Tuesday. Bova needs the car to drive her daughter Zoe back and forth to cancer treatments at Oishei Children's Hospital. 

"We live in the Southtowns and traveling back and forth to Oishei was, was quite lengthy at times and we just needed a reliable car," Bova told 2 On Your Side.

The P.U.N.T Foundation helped Bova get the car when she went to Oishei Children's Hospital to see is she could get some assistance. 

"I basically went to the hospital and asked if there was any help to possibly help me fix my car and they said they would look into it and I just basically prayed about it," she said.

Collision Masters CEO Frank Todaro had the answer to Beth's prayers. After a few calls, he managed to get all the parts and even the paint to restore the formerly damaged car and give it to Bova.

"I made a few calls, I said I need some help I wanna help a family, and everyone came together and said we have a recipient for you and perfect timing," he said. 

Bova says she's happy to have the vehicle and she intends to focus on Zoe's health now that she doesn't have to worry about how she will get to treatments. 

"It feels amazing," she said. "We feel so blessed to be able to just to focus instead of worrying about a car and worrying about finances and that situation, just trying to get her back in school and focus on her health tight now."

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