Even though it hasn't been a week yet, many people have been feeling a little empty without April the giraffe in their life.

Many thought they'd never see April, Oliver or her currently unnamed male calf ever again. That's definitely wrong, according to keepers at Animal Adventure Park!

April was just too good to let months of live streaming come to an abrupt end and will be making a comeback in the very near future.

Keepers at the park said Giraffe Cam is not gone forever, just temporarily off the air while they make some big changes.

One of those changes: a permanent yard camera outside the stable and in the sunshine for people to enjoy outdoor giraffe antics from across the country.

The folks at Animal Adventure Park said the new streaming format will no longer be 24/7, but schedule-based. They will announce the new streaming schedule on their Facebook page sometime during the week of April 24th. 

Of course, April's male calf still needs a name, too. The park will tentatively reveal its name on May 1st. Until then, people can still submit name suggestions for the next few days before round two of voting begins. People can vote at www.nameaprilscalf.com.