BUFFALO, NY - A first-of-its kind event was held Saturday for weather buffs in Western New York.
The "It's Local" weather conference was held on the Buff State campus. The event was free and welcomed anyone with a love for weather, from the children to the professionals.

As we all know, predicting the weather here in Western New York can be a challenge, even for the experts.

Tom Niziol, a retired National Weather Service meteorologist who spoke at the event, told 2 On Your Side: “Weather is really interesting here and forecasting the weather can be an extreme challenge. We're learning a lot more on a daily basis about how the weather works in Western New York, even today. And there has been a tremendous advance in computer models, in particular, in technologies that help us to improve our forecasting of events like lake effect snow. "

Organizers of the event hope to be able to continue the conference every couple of years.

WNY meterology summit
WNY meterology summit