Festival fest is the thing I do where I talk about things to do in Western New York to make Monday more fun.

Fresh off the Oscars, this is happening. The Festies: an award show for the rest of us, where we do it the way it should be done—on the couch wearing sweatpants.

Our first awards are for best emails about events involving baked goods in Western New York. We have a three-way tie between:

  • Kenmore Lions Club Pancake Fundraiser, Sunday, March 3rd. Deb writes: By the way...I love your segments, and my chair asked me to extend its 'greetings' to yours. In appreciation of your work, (hoping that my obvious 'brown-nosing' is working).
  • Sip Shop Eat Lewiston Style, Saturday, March 2nd. 
  • Paczki Day at Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral in Lancaster, Sunday, March 3rd

Best use of the word "carnival":

Best festivals included in emails I got at the last minute: 

Last but not least: Best Meat Raffles.

A reminder that you can always send your events to festivalfest@wgrz.com.