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Father of murder victim suspects Charles Jones in family deaths

"My daughter didn't deserve to die, and from what I can tell so far, my granddaughter, she didn't deserve to die either," says the father of Jacquetta Lee.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Charles Jones is in custody and charged with murder in connection with the death of his ex-girlfriend Jacquetta Lee, 25.

Jones is also being closely looked at in connection with the death of his mother and 10-month-old daughter.

Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo said homicide detectives are reviewing the case of 10-month-old Royalty Lee Jones. She died last year.

Jones' mother, 52-year-old Alethia Atwood Williams, was found stabbed to death and stuffed inside a closet inside her apartment on Jefferson Avenue last week.

"It was a murder by a sharp object," Rinaldo said.

Williams may have been dead in the apartment for well over a week.

Credit: Curtis Lee

Curtis Lee, father of Jacquetta and grandfather of Royalty, tells 2 On Your Side he suspects Jones had a role in the death of his granddaughter. 

"When he had her there was a problem. My wife would watch her, Jacquetta would watch the baby, no problem. But as soon as he got a hold of her, it seemed like something else would happen. We would get a phone call, 'Oh, the baby stopped breathing,' or, 'Something is going wrong with her, we got to rush her to the doctor,' " Lee said.

"She was born a normal baby first, and down the line, she became a special-needs baby. You had to learn how to feed her, you had to learn how to take good care of her. When he started watching her, she started going to the hospital two and three times," said Jacquetta's step-mother, Melody Lee.

Before Jones was arrested, he shared a picture of himself and his daughter with 2 On Your Side.

Credit: Charles Jones

"My daughter didn't deserve to die, and from what I can tell, my granddaughter, she didn't deserve to die either," Lee said.

He is adamant that the system to help victims of domestic violence is broken. He wanted to get an order of protection to protect his daughter from Jones and was told he could not.

"I would like to see in place a dual order of protection so that I could've saved my daughter's life," Lee said.

The Erie County District  Attorney's office is also investigating the death of infant Royalty Jones.

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