Father Ryszard Biernat openly talked about being sexually abused by Father Art Smith when he was a seminary student in 2003.

Rev. Ryszard  Biernat

Biernat said he was living in the rectory at St. Thomas Aquinas Church where Smith was assigned. He explains in graphic detail what happened.

"I woke up with him lying behind me," Biernat said. "He was, I think naked, I sleep just with underwear on so I felt his skin against my skin. I sleep on my left hand side normally, his penis was against my butt, he was grabbing my crotch, he was trying to arouse me, he was kissing my neck, and grabbing my ear. That is one of the hardest things for me as a man a strong man, I froze."

When 2 On Your Side reached out to Smith for a comment, he sent an email. This is what he wrote:

"I admire and respect Ryszard very much and have always praised him in the past. He has been good to me. My only wish is that he would be genuinely truthful and not manipulate the truth for his own purposes."

Biernat said, "I'm not surprised at what he said because he's been saying this about every allegation that was launched against him," adding "I think Father Art is kind of confused about what story he is trying to use,  he's  accusing me of lying, I've never changed my story."

Earlier this year Smith's nephew described abuse he endured allegedly at the hands of his uncle, the priest.

Watch Ryan Cooley's story

Ryan Cooley was 9-years-old when he said he was abused by his uncle.

"I honestly believe that he preyed on the fact that I didn't have a father in my life," Cooley said.

The story impacted Biernat.

"I saw it and it broke my heart because Father Art became like a father figure for me I never had a good father," Biernat said.

Biernat says he has forgiven Smith and has moved on. He also says he was told to stop talking about his abuse at the hands of Smith or he would not be ordained. 

The Diocesan spokesperson sent this statement on behalf of Auxiliary Bishop Edward Grosz  

"Bishop Grosz categorically denies the statement that he threatened to block seminarian Ryszard’s ordination as reported. Bp. Grosz respectfully declines an on-camera interview."

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