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'You'll be back' | Parkway teacher's Hamilton-inspired message to students

A math teacher reworked the lyrics of a song from "Hamilton"

MANCHESTER, Mo. — Fans of the hit musical "Hamilton" may be familiar with the catchy tune "You'll Be Back." It's a title that may also resonate with parents and students, who are wondering when and if they will be back in the classroom.

A math teacher at Parkway South High School, Scott Degitz-Fries, reassured them — in song. He reimagined the lyrics of the original song and came up with his own version, which he called "You'll Be Back ... in School (2020 COVID Edition)."

Degitz-Fries recorded the video in his classroom, dressed in character.

"They say COVID is spreading too fast and you must stay away," he sings. "Just think of the upsides: no hallways or footwear."

Degitz-Fries then holds up his shoeless foot.

"You'll be back in this room. Until then, I'll teach you well on zoom ...

You'll be back. Wait and see. We'll sing math songs. I'll be your MC."

RELATED: Parkway to begin school year 100% virtually

The Parkway school district announced on July 29 that all students will start the school year online. In a letter to parents and staff, Parkway Schools Superintendent Keith Marty and Board of Education President Jeff Todd said recent developments with the coronavirus pandemic have caused the district to abandon its proposed "blended learning" model in exchange for full-time online learning. 

Many public school districts in the St. Louis area decided to start school year online. County Executive Sam Page encouraged schools to start "as virtually as possible," but it is not a mandate.

However, some districts and private schools are offering in-person instruction.