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Meteorologist in the making, an update from STEM Star of the Month Sage Keidel

Storm Team 2 Meteorologist Elyse Smith spoke with previous STEM Star of the Month Sage Keidel now that she's in college at the University at Albany.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Earlier this week Storm Team 2 Meteorologist Elyse Smith caught up with Sage Keidel, a former STEM Star of the Month who is now on her way to becoming a meteorologist. 

It was in November of 2021 when 2 On Your Side visited Sage as a senior at Clevehill High School in Cheektowaga. Sage was applying to colleges with either atmospheric science or meteorology programs to pursue her dream of becoming a meteorologist. 

Sage is now a freshman at the University at Albany and working on her general education and pre-requisite courses to declare into the Atmospheric Sciences major there. Some of the courses she has taken so far are physics, chemistry, and calculus. And even though the fast-paced nature of college class was a transition, Sage got a 4.0 in her first semester in college, noting the University at Albany is a perfect fit for her. 

“People talk about how you’re going to tour a campus and you’re going to know that it’s the one," Sage said.  "And when I was touring Albany I was like, 'I can see myself here.' I’m probably going to go here. I know I like it here.”  

And when asked about what it's like to finally be studying the weather... "it’s very weird. I’ve had this dream since I was so little. To actually be playing it out is a completely different feeling. And there are moments when you realize, OMG it’s happening right now. It’s super exciting and I can't wait for the future," said Sage. 

And as for her future, Sage is hoping to apply for internships after her sophomore year of college for the summer of 2024. Sage would one day like to work for the National Weather Service or be a forecaster for an airline company. 



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