BUFFALO, N.Y. — Some parents in the Buffalo School District say there's a transportation crisis that's making it harder for kids to get to school on time. 

Parent groups and a charter school administrator got together on Thursday, saying First Student and the district need to fix the problem.

They're upset about late buses, a lack of bus aides, and kids being dropped off at the wrong school and at the wrong stop when they're headed home.

They also cited a lack of response from the company, or just flat-out wrong information given to parents.

"They keep telling us that they have a shortage of bus drivers. We get that. Right? They need 40 or 50 news bus drivers. But I'm a parent. That's not my responsibility to figure out the problem," said Duncan Kirkwood, a Buffalo Schools parent.

"You say you're gonna get my kid at this time, and you're going to take them to this place at this time, that's gotta happen."

The groups raised these same issues last year and say they haven't seen a change. They say they're working with attorneys now, and they could take legal action.

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