If you're one of the 41 million Americans with student loans, you might be eligible to have them wiped out. The federal government delayed a new student loan forgiveness program saying it would unfairly burden taxpayers who ultimately foot the bill on federal loans.

But then 19 states, including New York, sued and won.

In New York, where people owe more than $78 million in student loans, you could be cheering for debt relief. Because of a new rule, wiping out the federal loans for students who schools lied about their education.

Whether that student has the capacity to learn the information that the school was going to provide them, then that student could petition the U.S. Department of Education to have those loans forgiven.

The rule primarily targets for profit schools, a number of which have been sanctioned by the government for deceptive sales tactics, offering degrees they weren't accredited for, or simply closing up shop without warning.

The new student loan rule will also wipe out debts if a student was pushed into an unaffordable loan, which critics say is part of the whole profit model.

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