BUFFALO, NY - The Buffalo Public School District is expected to receive $1.4 million from the State of New York which will allow them to enroll almost 1,200 additional students in after school programs.

The money is part of $35 million authorized by the State Legislature to provide more after school programs in so called districts of need.

The money is earmarked to expand after school programs only in districts which have a significant number of students who live in poverty.

As such, Buffalo was one of six districts in Western New York which became eligible for the funding.

After school programs offer everything from extra study time and tutoring, fitness programs, and counseling for students with emotional problems or challenges at home, according to School Superintendent Kriner Cash.

"The more structure you can have for young people from early in the morning to the time they are ready for bed, the more likely they are to be safe and to feel supported,” Cash said.

“This after school program is not just some policy that we talk about,” said Duncan Kirkwood of the District Parent Coordinating Council. “This actually effects people's ability to work and have their kids have programs and be safe."