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Medaille University announces it will close, Student Government Association speaks out

The closure comes just days after Trocaire College announced it was terminating its deal to purchase Medaille.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Medaille University announced Monday that the school will close at the end of the current semester after failing to reach a deal with Trocaire College

Last week, Trocaire announced it was terminating its plan to purchase Medaille University.

"Efforts towards completing an asset purchase between Trocaire College and Medaille University have been terminated," according to a statement from Trocaire College's public relations firm.

Trocaire College President Dr. Bassam Deeb said last week, "This is not the outcome we strived for as significant human and financial resources have been invested by both institutions in the attempt to consummate the proposed transaction."

Medaille University Interim President Dr. Lori V. Quigley issued the following statement Monday:

“Medaille has been under significant budgetary constraints over the last several months due to several factors, including declining enrollment, outstanding liabilities, and other challenges that are affecting colleges and universities across the region, state, and nation. Because the integration will not occur, and due to the financial instability of the institution, the Medaille University Board of Trustees has voted to close Medaille, as of August 31, 2023.

“In the weeks ahead, Medaille faculty and staff will be working with each student individually to assist them in the teach-out process to other institutions. Our first concern and highest priority are to successfully transfer all current Medaille students to other schools where they will be able to finish their academic careers in their chosen discipline. Students who are on track to complete their required credit hours and graduate on or before August 31, 2023, will still be able to complete their coursework and earn their degree from Medaille University.

“Additionally, Medaille will be providing assistance to faculty and staff, such as placement and referral services, as they continue their careers with new institutions and organizations.

“We understand the magnitude of this decision and its resulting impact on the lives of our students, faculty, and staff, and we will do everything possible to support our campus community during this time of transition.”

Medaille says it will officially close at the end of August.

"It sucks because it's kind of, it's affecting my future life and my career," said Medaille student Gavin Janas.

Medaille University student Gavin Janas will be a senior in the fall, but he won't be at Medaille. He's studying for a career in education and got an email from the university Monday morning announcing it is closing on August 31.

Janas said students were not expecting this because they thought the integration with Trocaire College would happen as planned.

"When they pulled out a couple of days ago, everyone was just kind of blindsided including some of the faculty that I have spoken to, so it's just kind of a mess right now," said Gavin Janas.

Janas came to campus Monday afternoon to get his transcript.

"There's a fee with it, so I didn't pick up the actual transcript, I picked up the online instructions to do it online because I guess it's a cheaper fee. I don't know why they're charging students. You know, I feel like as an educational, you know, as a school you should want to care about your students' futures and help them get onto the next step," said Gavin Janas.

Medaille plans on helping students transfer to other schools. Janas plans on going to Buff State in the fall.

"I already signed my lease until next June 2024 and that kind of limits my options already. I have to stay kind of local and go to a college that offers my program rather than go somewhere farther, like, I've explored some other options like Geneseo and Fredonia, but that's just off the table at this point because I can't move. You know what I mean?" said Gavin Janas.

On Monday night, the Student Government Association is now speaking out. In a new statement to 2 On Your Side, the SGA says the university's board of trustees repeatedly ignored multiple votes of no confidence and a letter of grievances, ultimately leading to the school's failure.

It says in part, "Whether or not you played an active role in the decisions that have led to the closure of Medaille University, you all were at least bystanders... employing the same silence that has been used against the staff, faculty, and students time and time again."

In its own statement, Medaille says it will be working with current students and staff to help them transfer to other schools.

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