BUFFALO, N.Y. - We're learning more details about the state's free SUNY tuition plan after talking with Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul during a stop at SUNY Buffalo State Thursday night.

Hochul says the program will only cover undergrad school for both two and four year programs.
Graduates using the assistance program are required to stay in New York after graduating, but if you leave, that money will turn into a zero interest loan.
Hochul also clarified that the Excelsior Scholarship will not merely give out checks for full tuition costs.
"Again, you have to show us that you've made the effort to put together the maximum TAP you can receive, the PAL grants, and other tuition assistance, and so we're not handing someone a check for $6,400; never promised that. We're talking about being the closer of the gap, going that extra mile if you're just missing a few thousand dollars to get to what is basically the SUNY tuition, $6,400," said Hochul.
Qualifying students have to apply by June 7th to be eligible for the fall.