BUFFALO, N.Y.-- A new agreement will ensure parents working to connect Buffalo schools and the community will get paid for their work.

Last month, an IRS audit forced the Buffalo Public Schools District to stop paying parent facilitators $300 a month as independent contractors. Those parents worked with teachers, administrators, and other parents on behalf of students.

The deal announced Monday re-instates the program until December on a temporary basis. It will change into a different form when students return in January.

"Our schools struggle because we have so many within the schools who are not from the community that they're teaching or that they're serving. And that's really what our liaisons do is they really provide that bridge between the schools and the families so that we can better reach the families," says Wendy Mistretta, Vice President of the District Parent Coordinating Council.

The new program will refer to those involved as Parent Engagement Liaisons.