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Freshman receiving Buffalo State's George Floyd Memorial scholarship announced

The renewable $10,000 scholarship is given to one incoming freshman each year. This year's winner is Marley Ditullio.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — It was in may of 2020 that George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis.

And ever since, there's been a movement to change society.

Buffalo State then became one of the first colleges in the country to make a George Floyd Memorial scholarship.

The renewable $10,000 scholarship is given to one incoming freshman each year.

This year's winner is Marley DiTullio. She is a freshman at Buffalo State studying criminal justice. She was one of the 39 applicants.

“The committee was impressed with Marley’s application and the thoughtful way in which she articulated the impact George Floyd’s murder had on her as a student of color,” said Lisa Fronckowiak, Buffalo State’s interim chief diversity officer and a member of the selection committee. 

“Additionally, Marley received a strong letter of recommendation from her high school that confirmed she was an advocate for social justice and ending systemic racism. In her high school, Marley worked to help educate her peers on racism and its impact.”

In her winning essay, she wrote about being a Black girl who grew up in a predominantly white community in Syracuse. 

“I felt out of place my entire life,” said DiTullio, who was adopted at birth by a White lesbian couple. 

“Because of my being Black and having two moms, people treated me differently. I love my moms more than anything, but I also wanted to meet my birth family. I also wrote about that desire in my essay.”

She says after George Floyd was killed, she didn't even want to leave the house.

“I was afraid what happened to him would happen to me. When I went jogging in my neighborhood, people looked at me like I was doing something wrong. It was very meaningful to win this scholarship,” DiTullio said.

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