BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Common Council Member Ulysees Wingo is now speaking about an incident two weeks ago, involving him bringing a loaded gun onto school property. 

Shortly after that incident, Wingo did put out a statement apologizing for what happened. 

Tuesday was the first time he spoke about it on camera. 

"I made a mistake of which I am godly sorry for. I don't think people really understand the weight and gravity of the expectation that we walk in on a daily basis," Wingo said.

He refused to get into specifics about the incident at Riverside High two weeks ago, involving him bringing his loaded, registered handgun to the school.

Wingo was there for an assembly, and he was allowed to store the gun in the principal's office, then attend the event and retrieve his gun afterwards. 

REPORTER: Even when you realized that you had your handgun on you, why not go out to the car instead of to the principal's office? 

"I am so sorry that I can't take back the decision that I've made. It was a mistake, and because this is an ongoing investigation, I would like to be respectful of the superintendent's process," Wingo said. 

Not compromising the Buffalo School District's ongoing investigation is a response Wingo repeated. 

REPORTER: I wonder whether you are carrying now whether you have carried before in the past in City Hall, and whether you going forward will continue to carry? 

"I'm sorry for the decision that I've made it was a mistake, and I wish I could take it back. But because of Dr. Cash and the superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools has an ongoing investigation, I really can't comment any further on that," Wingo said.

Wingo did make a point to thank Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, who late last week used his discretion to not charge Wingo.

Flynn said the decision had nothing to do with politics.

"I am extremely grateful for the decision and the discernment brought forth by our district attorney Flynn and I believe he made a good decision based off of a human error," Wingo said.

Some are not satisfied. 

At Tuesday's Common Council meeting, members of a group that fights to improve safety in schools, wore T-shirts saying "No excuses, No guns, No Wingo."

"We have Mr. Wingo who takes a gun inside the school and nothing is going to happen, how is that justice?" said Joseph Flakes, with Citizens for Safe Schools.

The principal at Riverside remains on administrative leave.

Because of what happened at Riverside, Wingo cannot to be on or near any Buffalo School district property or attend school events without permission from the superintendent.


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