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Black History at Amherst High School

It's called Put Your Best Face Forward and it showcases the faces of prominent African Americans and students who look like various icons.

AMHERST, N.Y. - When an Amherst High School teacher was looking for a unique way to observe Black History month, she didn't know her project 'Put Your Best Face Forward' was going to be a big hit with students.

On one floor inside the school, you will see the pictures of prominent African Americans in various fields and next to every picture is a photo of a student resembling the history maker.

"I would see students in the hallway and I'd think,There's Dr. King. As I talked to other colleagues and they'd say I have Oprah Winfrey in my class," said teacher Pamela Fordham. She wanted a project where students could see themselves as historical figures in a meaningful way.

Kaya Davis was pictured as Queen Latifah. "It's honestly an honor to be compared to somebody so famous, there's so much negativity in this world its great to be here," pictured as a positive entertainer.

Principal Gregory Pigeon was blown away by the positive online response to the project. "It was gratifying to see all students engage in a project that is personal and historical."

Students were impressed, encouraged and eager to learn more about history. Imari Jenkins said, "I believe Black History month is a reminder for people that we can press for change in positive manners, that we can learn and reflect off of history. When you look at great icons like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, they stepped out of their way to help their fellow man. I believe that this is a great time for everyone because it pushes everybody to be themselves and strive for a better future."