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A new book helps kids explore historic sites in the Queen city

Bob Uffalo may be just a little cartoon Buffalo, but he's learned a lot about the Queen city's most historic locations and he's giving readers a tour in his new book.
Photo: Monica Manney

BUFFALO, N.Y.- For people who say, there's nothing to do in Western New York but go to Niagara Falls, there's a little cartoon Buffalo named Bob - and now a book - that will prove to you otherwise.

The release party for "Buffalo From A to Z Come Take a Tour with Me" was held Sunday at the newly restored Parkside Candy.

The children's book written by Niagara Wheatfield Central School district teachers Brigette Atlas-Callahan and Kristin Madej-Warham explores the sometimes forgotten sites of Buffalo.

With a drone and a cell phone,the main character Bob Uffalo takes readers through time and space while he explores the history and development of the Queen city.

The authors say the book can be read at any reading level and is helping spread Buffalove.

The book features 60 photos from more than two dozen volunteer photographers. All funds raised from the book will go to Music is Art.

For more information on "Buffalo from A to Z" or to purchase the book, visit the Buffalo Heritage website.