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Unsolved: The disappearance of Corrie Anderson 11 years later

A 36-year-old mother of three from Jamestown vanished in 2008. NYSP are still actively investigating her disappearance.

JAMESTOWN, N.Y. — A 36-year-old mother of three disappeared in 2008, and 11 years later, New York State Police says they are still investigating and even following new leads.

October 28 marks 11 years since 36-year-old Corrie Anderson disappeared. To this day no one knows what happened to the young mother of three.

Her case lives on the desk of New York State Police Senior investigator Joseph Smith.

Smith has been investigating the case since day one. More than a decade later, he remembers that day vividly 

"I was at home, and I got the call about a possible missing person and was asked to come in," Smith said.

That day was just as vivid for Anderson's mother, Vicki Acquisto.

"She worked at JCC, and she usually got done about noon, 1 o'clock, and she had stopped at Lake Country Dodge," Acquisto said. "She was dating somebody, seriously, that worked at Lake Country Dodge at the time. She stopped to see him on her way home. She left there. He was the last person that we know of that she talked to."

Smith says Anderson made it home, but she did not make it to a school meeting with her son.

"She would've always shown up to school for that meeting," Acquisto said.

"Corrie was supposed to go to school to pick up her son and she didn't make that which was highly unusual. So the family was very concerned and contacted the police."

"I called the State Police because there had been some history of Ken being ... she had an order of protection because of Ken."

Corrie was married to Ken Anderson before her disappearance. She was in the process of a divorce after learning Ken never divorced a previous wife.

Acquisto said he had a history of troubling behavior with Corrie.

"I was afraid of what he'd do to Corrie," Acquisto said.

State Police began searching for her that night, out of fear she was in danger. Her family went to her house.

"There was a shoe at the bottom of the stairs, we knew something, her van was missing. We knew something was wrong," Acquisto said. "The whole family was searching. I mean, that night we never slept."

Nothing new was found until two days later, when her missing van turned up in the town of Busti near her home

"Two days later we were advised about the car being parked in a field. It was about a mile from her house. It was parked in a well road that you couldn't see from the road. Someone who was out logging found it and called police."

Smith says the case has only grown over time, leading investigators to conduct more searches, uncover more evidence, and just recently discover that new DNA technology could lead to a breakthrough in the case.

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