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'When it rains, it pours' | Crown Candy Kitchen property damaged twice in a month

Owner Andy Karandzieff says, "Hopefully, this is the last of it for now, but yeah, it's never a dull moment."

ST. LOUIS — One of St. Louis' oldest and most popular restaurants has seen some unwanted guests lately.

Since 1913, Crown Candy Kitchen has been working hard to satisfy St. Louisans' sweet tooth.

Lately, they've been busier than ever.

Just about three weeks ago, two kids were on caught camera damaging Crown Candy and running away. Owner Andy Karandzieff says, "They destroyed the door, but didn't get in."     

Police are still looking for the two suspects in the previous incident. They say they're just kids. One around 15 and the other around 10-years-old.

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Credit: Andy Karandzieff

But Andy wasn't expecting someone else to barge in Saturday morning.

"My wife calls me and says, 'Why is there a car in the backyard of Crown?' As I ran out, there was literally a car all the way back there," Andy recalls. 

On camera, you can see a car speeding through, hitting their fence, just inches away from the store. No word from police yet, but Andy says the two people inside seemed drunk.

No one was hurt.

"They had plowed through that fence, this fence, through our shed, hit the brick wall so hard it knocked bricks loose inside our garage. She never hit the brakes, she just plowed straight through," he says. 

Credit: Andy Karandzieff

Over 100 years on this corner, Crown Candy has seen it all.

"You take the good with the bad," Andy tells 5 On Your Side. 

But Andy says this car making its way all the through is top five craziest things he's seen. 

He says, "Hopefully, this is the last of it for now, but yeah, it's never a dull moment."

Even though they're shaken up, Andy says, they're going to continue cooking up a sweet experience for years to come. "This is our home this is where we're going to be. This is where we belong."


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