BUFFALO, N.Y. — FBI officials announced Monday a reward for information leading to the arrest of a person who killed a 12-year-old boy for up to $25,000.

This is in addition to the up to $7,500 reward being offered by Crime Stoppers for information leads to an arrest and conviction.

Badraldeen Mohamad Elwaseem, was shot and killed in April by a stray bullet fired during an altercation taking place about 100 yards from his home.

Police say there was an altercation in the parking lot outside the Towne Gardens shopping plaza at William Street and Jefferson Avenue  Shots rang out and one man, a 22-year-old, was wounded.

Elwaseem was watching TV inside his home when he was shot.

Police and local leaders canvassed the neighborhood after the shooting looking for leads on who killed Elwaseem.

"We know that there are people that saw what happened … who know the individual or individuals that fired the guns the other night that lead to the killing of this precious 12-year-old boy." said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown after the shooting.