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Sheriff's Office warns against phone imposter

After receiving a suspicious call from a man claiming to be law enforcement, a Collins woman nearly met with the man before she decided to call 911 first.
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BUFFALO, NY -- The Erie County Sheriff's office is warning residents to be wary of a man claiming to be police sergeant after a Collins woman received a call from a man requesting to meet with her.

According to the Sheriff's Office, a deputy responded to a complaint from a woman that a man, claiming to be a sergeant, contact her over the phone and wanted to meet her so she could complete paperwork after a missed court date.

According to the police report, the man requested she call him from a mobile device - so he could track her location.

The woman was suspicious and called 911.

When police tried to call the man back, he allegedly hung up on them several times.

The ECSO says residents can contact their office to confirm a sheriff's office representative by calling: 716-858-2903.

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