BUFFALO, NY - The Buffalo man, accused of making threats to kill police officers, was arraigned on federal charges Thursday.

Arthur Jordan was arrested last week on charges of criminal possession of a weapon and resisting arrest. These charges are being prosecuted in state court, which is where Jordan was Wednesday morning. The federal charges are related to social media posts on Facebook that Jordan allegedly made a week prior. In one post, investigators say Jordan wrote "Let's start killing police, see how they like it."

Federal prosecutors say the same day the post was made, the FBI visited Jordan's home, but didn't locate him. When Buffalo Police arrested Jordan last week, police say that Jordan was in possession of a loaded pistol.

Police say during the arrest, Jordan acknowledge his post and said "it is what it is," and that he should've done it to get media attention.

The social media post in question, was after the police shooting deaths of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.

In federal court Thursday, federal prosecutors moved for detention of Jordan, saying his threats put the community in danger. Jordan's defense attorney argued that the Facebook posts were protected by free speech and that Jordan shouldn't be detained. The judge ruled that there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed and that Jordan should be kept in custody.

Still, because Jordan has a state case pending, he is being kept in custody in the Erie County Holding Center on $500,000 cash or bond.

Jordan's family was in federal court Thursday, and had no comment on the charges he faces.