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Officer stabbed in the head at Wende Correctional Facility according to union officials

As the pat frisk was continuing, union officials say the inmate came off the wall and stabbed one of the officers.
Credit: WGRZ

ALDEN, N.Y. — The New York State Corrections Police Benevolent Association says an officer at the Wende Correctional Facility in Alden was stabbed in the head by an inmate with a make-shift weapon.

Union officials say the incident happened on Monday at 5:30 p.m. when the inmate’s cell was being searched for contraband. As the inmate was being pat frisked by an officer, the officer discovered a sharpened plastic toothbrush.

As the pat frisk was continuing, this is when they say the inmate, 21-years-old, allegedly came off the wall and stabbed one of the officers on the left side of the back of his head. 

The officer grabbed the inmate in a body hold while another officer came to assist and was punched by the inmate. The inmate continued to struggle with officers and punched a third officer in the neck before breaking free and running down the cell block.

According to the release, the inmate grabbed a cart and garbage can and threw it at the officers. The officers then gave several rounds of pepper spray to the inmate. Officers were there able to get control of the inmate. 

Injured staff were taken to the medical facility in the prison for treatment. 

Four officers were taken to the hospital for further treatment. The officer who was stabbed received seven staples to close the wound behind his left ear. The other three officers were treated for abrasions, pain and swelling and exposure to blood.

The inmate was transferred to Attica Correctional Facility and placed in a Special Housing Unit. He is serving a 16 year sentence after being convicted for first degree manslaughter in Rockland County in 2017.  

Two make-shift weapons were recovered.  Both weapons were toothbrushes sharpened on one end. 

“Daily occurrences of violence against staff are the norm now in our prisons. This latest attack, which included an inmate stabbing an officer in the back of the head, is just the latest example of how violent and dangerous our facilities are. This attack was committed by an inmate already serving a lengthy sentence for killing a teenager after hitting him in the head with a rock during a robbery. I sincerely hope the Erie County District Attorney’s Office prosecutes this inmate to the fullest extent of the law and sends a message this will not be tolerated," Mark Deburgomaster, Western Region Vice President said.

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