BUFFALO, N.Y. — A few days after new hate crime charges were brought against a Lockport man, people on Saturday were showing support for the district attorney who charged him.

On Tuesday, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn sided with community activists and brought hate crime charges against 62-year-old Jeffrey Calhoun.

Calhoun was caught on camera arguing with another driver, Jeanneie Muhammad, after a fender bender on Colvin Avenue near Sanders Road in North Buffalo.

Calhoun allegedly restrained Muhammad by taking her car keys and grabbing her purse. At one point, you can see Calhoun showing a gun.

The victim of the attack spoke on Saturday, saying people need to stand up to hate.

"It stops here. You have to know that you cannot treat human beings the way, any way that you want to," Muhammad said. "You cannot throw women to the ground. You cannot, you can't violate people's rights. The buck stops here."

Calhoun faces a maximum of seven years in prison if he's convicted on all his charges.

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