BUFFALO, NY - The day before Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to reunite for drinks before the big meal.

"We're expecting it to be a very busy night, kinda like a Saturday on a Wednesday" said Cantina Loco Bartender, Tom Weatherston.

This year there have been some safety concerns on Allen Street from residents and businesses. including fights, shootings, and assaults.

"Sometimes, especially on weekend nights, have some issues with people when they get drunk," said Allentown Pizza Manager Mohamed Gaafar.

In preparation for the popular night, Buffalo Police say they are are ramping up patrols to keep people safe.

"As we've seen, there have been a number of issues on Allen Street this year and we've addressed them," Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo tells 2 On Your Side. "We were quick to address many of the incidents and make arrests as they happened. So I feel confident in the plan that we laid out in terms of this coming Wednesday."

Rinaldo said the department has been in contact with business owners to find out where there could be large crowds.

Allentown has grown quickly over the years. According to the Allentown Association, there are 65 liquor licenses in the 32 blocks of Allentown.

"It's busier earlier down here. Allentown used to be busy late night after midnight, after two o'clock in the morning. Now it seems to be busy all night long," said Weatherston.

Though there will be a larger Buffalo Police presence on Allen Wednesday, some businesses say they are not taking any chances and hired security guards for the busy night.

"Our security guard is good," said Gaafar. "We hired him so we can be sure that every one of our customers has maximum security in this place."