BUFFALO, NY – David Pirk sat with his attorneys, listening to Federal Court Judge Elizabeth Wolford patiently, and over the course of five hours, explain to jurors the laws they will consider as they deliberate his fate, and that of two others facing charges of racketeering and conspiracy.

At age 67, his long gray hair pulled back into a pony tail, bespectacled, and wearing a hearing aid while attired in a cardigan sweater, Pirk appeared grandfatherly…and not at all like prosecutors portray him.

However, as national President of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club, Pirk is alleged to have overseen a criminal enterprise involved with drugs, guns and violence.

Pirk is accused of ordering and coordinating the execution style slayings of two Kingsmen members, Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski, who were shot behind the group’s North Tonawanda clubhouse in September of 2014.

Andre Jenkins, convicted a year later on state charges of carrying out the murders and already serving life without parole, is also on trial at the U.S. District Courthouse in Buffalo as part of the alleged conspiracy, as is Timothy Enix, a former regional president of the Kingsmen.

The three were among 16 members of the Kingsmen indicted in 2016 and who face a host of charges relating to alleged criminal activity.

A few of those charged have plead guilty and are cooperating with authorities

During closing arguments defense lawyers for the three men currently on trial branded those who testified against them as liars who were out to cut their own deals and save tier own skins.

The trial has been a lengthy one.

Testimony began in February, and featured some 60 witnesses over the course of three months.

Jurors, who finally received the case at 1:53 pm on Wednesday, retired for the evening after a three hours of deliberation without a reaching a verdict, and will resume their work Thursday.