WARSAW, NY - A Dansville man pleaded guilty to rape in the first degree Friday.

Lance Riley was accused of raping and strangling a 15-year-old last July.

March 9, he pled guilty to first degree rape, and admitted to forcibly raping the child by strangling the victim during the act, according to the Wyoming County District Attorney.

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The DA says Riley will be sentenced to a 10-year determinate prison sentence, followed by 18 years of post-release supervision.

He is set to be sentenced on April 12.

District Attorney Donald O'Geen notes, "For months [the victim] has been under attack from members of the defendant’s family with the use of the media, social media, written letters and the 'Free Lance Riley' Facebook page. Those days are forever gone with his admission in court on Friday [...] we were able to bring justice to the victim and protect society from this person for a long time to come. I look forward to the day he is sentenced and sent where he belongs."