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Apple's AirTags used to follow 2 women in West Seneca

Officers from the West Seneca Police Department say it happened to a woman last month, and to a second woman just this week.

WEST SENECA, N.Y. — Apple's hottest new product, AirTags, may be on your Christmas list this year. 

The AirTags were released in April meant to deter us from making the mistakes we all do of misplacing our keys, wallet, purse and even luggage by allowing us to track them. 

Last month in West Seneca, one was used for a different purpose.

"A female came in and she got this message notification on her phone that there was an Apple AirTag or device moving with her, so she came to the station," West Seneca Lieutenant Jonathan Luterek said.

Luterek says officers found an AirTag under the bumper of the woman's vehicle.

And just this week, a different woman got the same message on her phone. 

"Officers checked over her car pretty thoroughly and weren't able to locate it. It disconnected shortly after, so at this point it's really unknown if it was on the vehicle, or if her phone got alerted about something nearby," Luterek said. 

Officers do not believe the two cases are connected and say there is no reason to panic, but they do want to raise awareness.

If you get a similar message on your phone, call 911.

In New York State, it is illegal to put a tracker or GPS on someone's car. That's because of Jackie's Law passed in 2014.

"She was a West Seneca resident who was a victim of domestic violence, so prior to that there was no charge that we could charge someone with," Luterek said. 

Now because they can, West Seneca Police have subpoenaed records from Apple to help them find out who was trying to track the woman last month. If found, that person could face a misdemeanor. 

As for those messages about AirTags, only iPhone users will receive the notifications. 

However, Android users can download an app called 'Tracker Detect' in the Google Play Store, or another app that will run in the background and help keep them safe. 

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