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3 Hamburg sisters sentenced for abusing their father

Three Hamburg women will spend at least two years in prison for abusing their elderly father.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Three Hamburg women will spend at least two years in prison for abusing their elderly father.

Elissa Pietrocarlo, 41, Grace Pietrocarlo, 31, and Annabel Pietrocarlo, 23, were sentenced Tuesday in court.   They were found guilty in May of felony assault

Investigators say the sisters intentionally caused physical injury to their 71-year-old father inside their North Creek Road home.

According to officials, the oldest daughter known as "The Prophet", Elissa Pietrocarlo, claimed to begin receiving messages from God in 2002.  

One of the messages alleged that their father was being unfaithful to their mother Christine Pietrocarlo, 66, whom the family considered the "Queen of God."

The victim was no longer allowed to sleep in the marital bed and was forced to sleep on a couch in the kitchen, where he was also forced to live. 

Investigators say the victim was allegedly beaten by the women of the house, and would always sleep fully clothed on the couch because the alleged attacks would happen at any time and he would be forcibly removed from the home. 

On September 9, 2017, the victim was allegedly choked by his youngest daughter Annabel after the mother accused the victim of defiling her name online. The daughter was also accused of taking $1,100 from the victim's pocket.

While the victim was on the floor, all three sisters allegedly kicked and punched him. When the suspects left the house, the victim was able to crawl from the kitchen to his pick up truck and take himself to Mercy Hospital in Orchard Park to be treated for a fractured rib and bruised spleen.

When the victim returned home, the woman allegedly told him he was not allowed in the house during daylight hours and threatened to 'break every bone in his body' if he did. The victim told a friend who contacted the police to perform a welfare check.