NEW YORK, N.Y. -- If you stayed up for Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night, you got to see a local kid making Western New York proud.

A Buffalo nine-year-old was featured on one of the show's sketches called "Fallonventions".

Cameron Tillou made his national television debut Wednesday night and said it was nerve-wracking.

"I was nervous and my legs got tired," Cameron said.

The fourth grader, from Smallwood Drive Elementary School, was one of four kids picked from across North America, to demonstrate an original invention.

Cameron's idea was born from a challenge he faces when playing the piano.

"I was doing four octave scales and I was having trouble reaching all the keys on the piano," Cameron told Jimmy Fallon. "My piano teacher said it would be nice if somebody invented a piano bench that slid back and forth so people with short arms could reach all the keys on the piano. So I did."

And it worked. Cameron demonstrated how to use it on the Tonight Show. He played the Star Wars theme song, all while sliding up and down the keys using his seat.

Cameron explained he made it by attaching a go-cart seat to old skate board wheels and then placing it inside an old piano bench.

Fallon, not to be outdone, showed Cameron one of his own inventions. He showed off a "waffle mitt" for those times a waffle cone just won't cut it.

"Isn't this fun?" Fallon asked Cameron as he swirled soft serve onto their waffle mitts. "Then you can eat the ice cream. Then you can eat your mitt."

Cameron said it was a great experience to be on the show. He said he is proud of it. He walked away with a $5,000 check from GE, who sponsors the sketch, and memories he will likely be sharing around the Thanksgiving table this year.