A lost dog that fell through ice into a pond Sunday morning in Orange County was rescued thanks to the quick work of several law enforcement, fire and animal rescue agencies.

Someone who lived nearby noticed a dog struggling to keep his head above water around 30 feet from the edge of the pond and called authorities.

Orange County deputies responded and were able to get a boat from a Carrboro police officer. Alamance County Rescue, Mebane Fire Department and Orange County Animal Services maneuvered the boat through the ice and were able to retrieve the dog, who wore a collar with 'Petey' on it, and got him back to land. Orange County EMS got Petey out of the below freezing temps and into an ambulance, giving him blankets to warm him up. Petey is expected to make a full recovery.

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Petey isn't a stray and didn't belong to the property owner who discovered him in the pond.

A Facebook post on the Orange County Sheriff's Office page detailing the rescue had over 800 shares and 300 comments.

Jim Meeks with Alamance County Water Rescue was on the scene. He said when they showed up to help Petey was swimming in circles struggling to stay afloat.

"Once we started pushing the boat out towards him he quickly started coming toward the boat and it took no time at all to get him to come in the boat," Meeks said.

Two divers from Alamance County were on the canoe that brought the beagle mix to shore.

"Part of our job we search for victims, drowning victims and people in car accidents so it’s not always a great outcome for us," Meeks said. "So for us to be able to retrieve someone’s pet and get it back to them, it’s a good feeling."