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Daemen College student aims for the Ugandan boxing Olympic trials

Astrid Amandazi left for Uganda in early July to compete for the Ugandan national boxing team.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The 2021 Olympics are near, and soon many athletes will put years of training to the test. But there's yet another Buffalo connection to the Tokyo Olympics.

Astrid Amandazi is a Daemen College student. He is a soaring star for the track and field team, but he is also training for a spot on the Ugandan Olympic boxing team.

He's been to worlds and Golden Gloves and now the Olympics is in the forefront. Amandazi is also a registered nurse, a track field athlete, a full time student and a volunteer firefighter.

“I don’t know, I just do it,” Amandazi said. “I just do it. When I have training I just train. When it’s time to go to work and pay bills, I just go to work — usually overnight shifts. And when it’s time for school and study sometimes I get back not studying as much and slacking then i see my grades drop then I just have to go harder."

Amandazi added, "We've been working on it. We know the chances are higher this time. Being from the U.S. and having more access to equipment and training. We are hoping it will be in our favor this time to go in there and win."

Amandazi will have to go through two to three opponents to make the Uganda national team. Then from there he'll have another round to compete for Uganda in order to get points for the country to compete in the Olympic trials.