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commUNITY spotlight: Singer De'Laney Daniels

From Sweet Home High School outside to the music industry. It's a path a local singer is determined to make a success.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A Sweet Home High School graduate is living her dream and hoping to land on top in the music world. De'Laney Daniels said she stumbled into music and now it's her career.

"I actually started off modeling at 15 years old. I went to Susan Makai Personal Best." When a talent was required for a modeling competition, she started singing.

When it comes to her genre, she said "I feel like I'm very versatile. And I've noticed a lot of people kind of kind of categorize like race with the genre. So it was really different for me to say hey, I sing and they expect R & B," but she said then listeners hear a country twang.

"I've worked hard for this, and at times I didn't have the support, I didn't feel like I got really any recognition because I was put to be in a certain genre. But I still stuck to the sound god gave me and perfected it, instead of changing it."

Some of her vocal coaches include Linda Appleby and Drea D'Nur.

She also credits her uncle who is involved in the Canadian music industry, for taking notice of her talent.

Daniels, 28, lives in Atlanta and is working with the EMPIRE distribution label.

In 2023, she plans to release new music.

She knows the road to the top of the music industry is not easy. "I'm looking for just overall success and I just want to stand on that stage one day with a Grammy and just say I did it!"

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