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commUNITY spotlight: SheCAN!

As we celebrate women's history month on commUNITY, we're learning about SheCAN! They want you to grow, thrive and vibe.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — SheCAN! is a nonprofit organization of women who support women.

"We're all on our journey to become the best version of ourselves," said Amanda Alford, a member of SheCAN!

"SheCAN! really offers a variety of things because every woman is different and needs different things in their lives. We focus on three pillars for help with the total woman, professional development, personal development and overall wellness."

Alford said the organization has been helpful in her life.

"I wear many different hats and trying to find that balance is very hard sometimes," Alford said. "So being able to be with a community of women, who all have their own experiences and there's a lot of experts in the room, there's also a lot of women like me who are mothers, who are entrepreneurs, who are trying to grow and learn new things."

SheCAN! has an upcoming event on Thursday, April 28 called Pulling the Race Card. The website calls a meaningful conversation where women will explore biases in a self-reflective manner. 

The Pearson sisters will lead the way with their interactive deck of cards developed to start conversations that educate and help to debunk myths and stereotypes about certain groups of people. 

Sarah Pearson of Pulling the Race Card LLC said "it's a deck of cards. Obviously the title came from the spinoff of what you commonly hear. You know, 'Oh, she's pulling the race card.' And so we said, 'Hey, we're going to develop a deck of cards. We're going to pull the race card. We're going to talk about it.' It's 52 cards."

The cards feature statements that are fact or fiction. It becomes a topic of discussion. You will notice on the back of each card is a QR code that directs you to a video or an article with more information on the topic.

Alford said "if you've never been to a SheCAN! event, they're super fun. If you were to get a chance to come to in-person events our tagline is, she can grow, thrive and vibe!"