BUFFALO, N.Y. - Phat Catz! "The name definitely grabs the customer and the food puts the topping on it."

Kim Collins comes from a family of nine and because of the large family, her mother often cooked tons of food.

"Cooking for the holidays was so big for our family," said Collins. "So much food, people, all the friends come over. My mother always had a crowd at her house for Thanksgiving, any holiday."

The menu was a soulful delight.

"Homemade dressing, turkey, ham, prime rib roast, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, yams. The southern foods. We had coconut pineapple cake, sweet potato pie," she said.

Collins said that different dishes were passed down from each generation, including her grandmother's macaroni and cheese.

While shooting commUNITY, we tasted red velvet waffles and chicken and catfish.

Phat Catz is located at 965 Kensington Avenue in Buffalo.

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