BUFFALO, N.Y. - The holidays can be a busy time for physicians. Some people overeat and it takes a toll on their health.

"This time of the year, holidays, especially Thanksgiving, it never fails. If you're the doctor on call, oh you're getting a call," said Dr. Kenyani Davis.

She offers these tips for eating during the holidays:

  1. Portion control is a must
  2. Load up on the vegetables (don't overcook)
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Remember salt is a preservative, so look for food items with lower salt content
  5. Substitute higher fat and cholesterol items with healthier choices such as flavoring collard greens with turkey and using low fat milk to make cornbread

Davis said it is important for people to cook and eat well.

"We all think green, leafy foods are good, but the problem we find is that most patients overcook their greens, taking out all the nutrients."

She has advice for those with congestive heart failure, "wherever salt goes water goes."

Some people will select chitterlings as a dish for the holidays, Davis said remember "chitterlings are high in cholesterol. Just three ounces of chitterlings is about 80 percent of your total cholesterol for the day."

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