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Charles Glenn continues to enjoy the ride as Blues anthem singer

'That crowd gives me the energy to continue and carry on.' Charles Glenn is enjoying the ride as his anthem singing days wind down.

Charles Glenn started singing the anthem at Blues games 19 years ago.

Now, he's enjoying his last ride before he retires at the end of this Blues playoff run.

We talked to Charles before Game 4 of the Western Conference Final against the Sharks, in what could again be his final performance.

Glenn's ability to fire up a crowd is second to none, and he takes it seriously.

Glenn is battling MS, but his poise and confidence can't be shaken.

"I can't get nervous right now, I've got a job to do," Glenn said. "That crowd gives me the energy to continue and carry on."

Our entire interview with Charles Glenn before Game 4 of the Western Conference Final

Glenn's ascension as Blues anthem singer came about as sort of a happy accident, and looking back, he can't believe the journey it's taken him on.

"19 years ago I never would've thought I was in this position that I'm in right now," Glenn said. "It feels wonderful. I'm pleasantly surprised."

19 years is a long time, but through it all the love from the crowd is what has kept him going.

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"The love of the fans. The love of the players. And the excitement of NHL hockey  and the way the Blues have brought our family in to their family," Glenn said is what has made the job worth it.

Just because Glenn is retiring from singing the anthem doesn't mean he won't be around Blues games anymore.

"I'm still coming to games but I'm just going to have a Blues sweater on," Glenn said. "This has been a blessing for 19 wonderful years. I got to reach the community who I never thought I'd reach before."

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