NIAGARA FALLS, ON — Cannabis is legal in Canada and it is capturing the attention of the 14 million people that visit Niagara Falls, Ontario each year.

Mayor Jim Diodati told 2 On Your Side that visitors will now have a place to get it.  The Vancouver based cannabis retailer Choom Cannabis was approved to open retail space in a shopping center.

"Choom is going to be moving into Niagara Falls at the Niagara Square Mall in town. The nice thing for them is that it's right along the Queen Elizabeth Way, it's got a lot of parking lot, a lot of lighting and it's away from any sensitive areas" said Diodati.

Though many people from New York may visit this new business when it opens, it's still not legal in New York and anything purchased cannot come back over the border. Which is why Diodati supports Governor Cuomo's efforts to legalize marijuana in New York.

 "If Niagara Falls, New York had it and New York State had it, I'd say Governor Cuomo it's a good decision," said Diodati.

Niagara Falls is already a large tourist destination and Diodati says he hopes this will just be one more reason for people to visit the city.

"If you're interested in shows and entertainment and attractions, casinos, cannabis," said Diodati. "So it's not for everybody but it is for some people and we like to say whatever it is you're looking for you'll probably find it here."

This is the first marijuana retailer to open up in Niagara Falls. It is expected to open up this spring.

"They're going to be opening up very very soon so they're renovating the site right now as we speak and they will be opening up in time for this tourist season," said Diodati.