BUFFALO, NY - An event that has been a staple in Buffalo for the last 10 years will soon be ending. The Buffalo Small Press Book Fair is holding its final event this weekend after a decade-long run.

The event started with only 65 vendors to help foster collaboration between artists and writers. It has now grown into a multi-day event with more than 150 vendors.

Chris Fritton, one of the book fair’s organizers, says they plan on re-inventing it before it gets old.

“When this event first came out it was sort of edgy and progressive but after 10 years … it hasn't become stale yet … but I don't want it to get there. And I don’t want it to get irrelevant so we're going to re-invent it before that happens.”
Fritton also said to watch out in the future as he will be working to evolve the concept into something new.