Buffalo Envy runs a cheerleading program for kids of all ages in this highly competitive sport. Teams compete and train at a very high level, and they travel all over the country.

One of their traveling teams is an adaptive cheerleading program made of athletes that have physical or developmental disabilities. They call themselves Team Extraordinary, and after watching them practice for a recent tournament, it's no wonder they have such a well-deserving name.

"They are constantly striving to better themselves and be included in society, so having them be a part of a big program like this that has such public stage it's really important for their confidence, and it really helps them to be a good part of their community in a different way than before," said coach Colleen Bugman.

In their high-engery performance, these athletes do rolls and lifts and most of the other technical portions of a typical cheerleading routine. It's hard not to notice the smiles on their faces and the thrill of success.