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Analysis shows Buffalo has among slowest broadband speeds in country

A speed test company says the Buffalo's is fifth-slowest among the 100 biggest US cities

You don't have to look far to find some of the slowest broadband internet speeds in the country.

Speed test company Ookla calculated internet speed rankings by using a weighted average of upload and download speeds. Buffalo came in fifth-slowest among the biggest 100 cities in the county, with Spectrum offering 65Mbps download speeds and 17Mbps upload speeds.

The results were reported by Ben Lovejoy with the website 9to5mac, though the article incorrectly lists Buffalo as having the slowest in the country. Ookla's "speed score" assigned to Spectrum based on its performance here was the lowest among the cities tested.

The analysis found the fastest internet speeds were available in Kansas City, Missouri. That's where Google Fiber offers an average download speed of 159Mbps and an upload speed of 127Mbps. 

The analysis by Ookla looked at 115 million speed test results in the United States.