BUFFALO, NY - A South Buffalo girl is glad for making a social media connection with a TV actress, and glad for a special honor at her upcoming prom.

Jessica Marie Casanova is truly excited to prepare for her prom this spring as a senior at the Charter School for Applied Technologies. That's because she will be wearing a dress that was worn at the 2014 Golden Globes Wards by Gina Rodriquez, her favorite actress and one of the stars of the program Jane the Virgin.

Jessica tweeted this message to her idol:

To her surprise, the actress agreed to loan her the dress for her prom:

Jessica is obviously thrilled. “After Gina responded to my tweet it opened my eyes to show me that not all celebrities are the same,” said Jessica. Some celebrities, she realizes, “do whatever it takes to make fans become who they want to be. Seeing that this woman could take the time to respond to me just means the world."

Once Jessica wears the specially delivered dress for her prom she will return it to the actress so that another young lady who contacts her can wear it for a special occasion. They’re calling it “The Sisterhood of Gina’s Traveling Dress.”

Her story has been picked up by NBC News and other media outlets.